Music style and univers:
The group’s style formed itself over time naturally. Following our personal influences, their themes and our own musical pasts, we have opted for a mix of pop and electro, or « electro-pop ». This choice is also due to the fat that our musical univers is made up principal of acoustic instruments for the verses while for the drops, a lot more energetic, come other synthetic instruments such as more epic drums and even synthesisers. Our univers revolver around nature and some social problems that we can observe around us and that we would like to « warn about ». For example, being students, it is not rare to see friends or acquaintances suffer from addictions, bullying, or even being judged based on their sexuality. Because of that, our lyrics are as often as possible full of meaning and can have different interpretations based on how we listen to them. Principally in
French, we also make some songs in English. We also sing about nature because of our ecological beliefs in favour of the climat. Moreover, nature’s beauty is a strong source of inspiration.

Visuals and lives:
The best word to define us for the visuals and lives would be « symbiose ». Firstly because we are a close knit group in which everyone can count on the other and secondly because we try to mix acoustic and electro. If we take the direct definition of symbiose in biologie, it defines a durable and favourably requited association between two beings, we find once again our mentality, based on nature. With our visuals, we want to show how man can become part of nature and its beauty. During lives, we would like to have this « symbiose » between us as well to have the best quality